The Government Finance Officers Association of Western Canada (WCGFOA) is probably the oldest GFOA organization in Canada, operating since the 1970′s. We are a professional association representing Government Finance Officers and our members represent over 1,000 local governments, mainly in Western Canada. The WCGFOA’s mission is to promote excellence in government finance and our strategic plan to focus on regional and national issues while broadening our appeal across the country.

WCGFOA Vision for the website

We produce the major annual conference for local and provincial government finance officers in the four western provinces and the three territories of Western Canada to assist in their training and development. We also provide networking opportunities and the chance for our members to view new products and services.


Relationship to the GFOA Family

We are a part of the GFOA family which comes under the umbrella of the GFOA of the US and Canada and includes the GFOA of BC, the GFOA of Alberta and the GFOA of Saskatchewan. for more information on GFOA organizations, we have prepared this explanation; GFOA organizations May 2nd 2016

Annual General Meetings

Our annual meetings are held in Conjunction with our annual conference.

The 2016 AGM was held in Kelowna on September 22nd at 9:30am. Minutes of the 2016 AGM

Financial Information. The 2016 draft Financial Statements can be viewed here: 2016-06-30 Government Finance Officers’ Assn FS-RER. The 2015 Statements can be viewed here 2015-06-30 GFOA WC FS



We are a federally incorporated society, regulated by WCGFOA Bylaws (March 2016) and governed by an elected board:

Lorrie Schmalenberg (President)

Regina, SK

Kelly Gibson (Vice-President)

Town of Banff, AB

Rick Wojtkiw

Sturgeon County, AB

Noreen Kassam (Treasurer)

Burnaby, BC

Lindsay Schneider

City of Whitehorse YK

Katherine Macdonald

City of Yellowknife NT

Jason Turnbull

City of Saskatoon

Kelly Lemoinem

City of Winnipeg